Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indie and Why It's Amazing

When you think of Indie, the first thing that comes to your mind is fucking fixie bike riding hipster, and his worthless shit PBR. While hipsters are generally complete elitist ass holes, their cousins the Indie Kids, while easily mistook for being hipsters, are actually some of the coolest people in Generation Y.

First, let me classify the type of people I'm talking about, because there are two prevailing types in the Indie world. The first is the original Indie Kid. This is the mold every hipster is created from. This Indie Kid is like a modern day hippie; only instead of bright colors, bands coming from across the pond, and hallucinogens, our indie kid prefers deep greens and blues, local bands, and quite possibly has never had an alcoholic drink or smoked weed. Where hippies preferred a sexual relationship to an emotional one, the opposite is true for the Indie Kid: he would rather have a deep emotionally based relationship with no sex, than a superficial relationship filled with sex.

The modern day Indie Kid began by revolting against the Pop music that plagues the radio by listening to bands looking for something different. Bands like The Strokes and Radiohead came off as a breath of fresh air to a world saturated with Nickelback and Taking Back Sunday. While Indie Kids dislike rap in general, he can appreciate artists for what they do. The Indie Kid likes bands for the music they make, not because of the experiences they sing about.

This Kid prefers looking nice when necessary, however prefers not to be ostentatious about his appearance. He can justify spending $160 on a pair of selvedge denim because after 6 months they will be a unique pair of jeans. The Indie Kid is generally introspective and is an intellectual, enjoying books such as Ishmael and movies like The Matrix (original only, second and third don't exist in his mind).

The Indie Kid is generally aged between 16 and 20. His older brother, the hipster, is a detriment to society. Do not think that just because the hipster is older and therefore "more mature" that he is superior to the Indie Kid. The hipster is someone who is constantly contradicting himself. For example, the hipster finds it impossible to justify spending more than $50 on a bike and $1 for a can of beer, yet he has no problem spending $150 on an aerospoke for his bike, or $20 for a brightly colored can hugger.

Instead of personally enjoying Ishmael, the hipster only finds it necessary to read intellectually stimulating books if doing so will continue the facade that he is an intellectual. The hipster values outward appearance more than individual worth. Being "cool" in the hipster's mind is being unique, but when we look at a hipster in a group with other hipsters, they all look the same. This is because they all like the same "unique" things.

Being a hipster is a cultural fad, being an Indie Kid is a way of living life.

I leave you with a song that bring back emotions of a girl I crushed on for 9 months straight, but because of several uncontrollable reasons I was unable to be with. And don't think I'm hallucinating, I can recall 5 straight minutes of eye contact between us. Teenage angst FTL.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I like music. Why? Because I'm an angsty teenager looking for a way to make the world shut the fuck up. When I put my headphones on, it's just me and my music. Rap, Pop and their cousins aren't music, they're noise. My Bloody Valentine, Boards of Canada, and Pavement is music.

Can't handle post-rock philistine?